Machine learning technologies

We use and develop several technologies that allow us to achieve best results in Machine Learning models. Among them are eMOS algorithm, Compression Artifact Localization and Video Super Resolution algorithm.

eMOS algorithm

eMOS is our new image quality estimation algorithm, built to be highly correlated with MOS. It’s ideal for monitoring and maintaining the video quality you need, and for understanding the effects of compression on your video.

The prediction algorithm is efficient and effective for development. If you’re looking to keep your video compression technology at the top of its game, then our eMOS algorithm is a must.

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Compression Artifact Localization

Compression Artifact Localization segments images into compression artifact sections and non-compression artifact sections, for an exact understanding of the ‘problem areas’ that can arise due to video compression.

This makes for immediate and easy-to-use quality analysis on any previously compressed video. Compression artifact localization looks beyond a subjective view of the compressed video, and gives a comprehensive insight into where artifacts appear. It also assists in forming a better understanding of overall tendencies.

Whether you are examining current technology, or looking to build something new, our compression artifact localisation software is crucial for quality monitoring.

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Video Super Resolution

Any video can be upscaled with a high level of detail using our VSR algorithm. This implies, a video can be expanded without compromising quality and without any unpleasant pixelation.

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